Congratulations to Darren Cook on his L1 cert flight on Saturday. A good flight with a LOC Warlock on an I 284...His rocket is named Cleveland Steamer.....hehehehe, ... good job Darren.
Flight report: EX day- I lost the EX flight cards but I believe 5 - 38mm flights went. Trospers was the best.

                          Commercial days: 24 flights. B impulse all the way to L
                                                     One staged black powder flight D to C to C
                                                     F20-1 flight
                                                     G60-1 Cessaroni
                        Bigger Stuff:        H180-2 flights
                                                      I284-3 flights
                                                      L-something--I cant read the card

John Hruby had a cool crash of his beautiful Der Red Max (well it was beautiful). Torre Bookout had a nice flight on a J300 Cessaroni that drifted a couple of miles-he used his Adept tracker to find it. Sam launched a cool minimum diameter 29mm fiberglass rocket that went forever on an H180-he recovered it.

Larry launched an evaporating itty bitty rocket on a G55-it held together and went very high-very fast.........

EX day-John Bolene had 3 successful flights on his Broadsword upscale -he remembered to arm the altimeter this time.

Dale wins the prize for the most obnoxious flight card.....I won't tell you what he put under "rod size".

Trosper launched a couple of rockets-the J800 was coooooolll.-and we all found out who is the best BMX bike rider around--TROSPER...AKA SATAN

And last but not least Warren Ballard had some nice flights - at least thats what the flight cards say.

Of note yours truly wore tennis shoes this time...Just for

Tim..............................SPSanders-now on to the minutes....Sam I need some "ice cream".....hehehehe -or in the Pirate way: arh-arh-arh-arh

- Steven Sanders, Secretary