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Tripoli Oklahoma Member Pages

Rocketry Clubs & Launches

LDRS XXV - Amarillo, TX ------ July 2006
BALLS - EX Launch @ Black Rock, NV
Tripoli Tulsa - TARA
Kloudbusters - Kansas
Tripoli Amarillo #92 - POTROCS
Tripoli Austin - Austin, TX
DARS - Dallas Area Rocket Society - Dallas/Ft. Worth        

Rocketry Web Stores & Vendors 

The Rocket Space
Magnum Inc
Giant Leap
Countdown Hobbies
Discount Rocketry
Al's Hobby
Wildman Rocketry
All Hobbies
Apogee Components - Components + RockSim
Sintratech Rocketry - Centering Rings, Parachutes, Kevlar

Other Rocketry Resources

Info Central - A Wealth of Information
Rocketry Online - Rocketry News & Resource Site
Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. - National Rocketry Org.
National Association of Rocketry
John Coker
ROC - Technical Articles - Thrust Data for wRASP, RockSim, etc
Essence Model Rocketry Reviews - RockSim Files, etc

EX Suppliers

Mostly Missiles - Classes + Chemicals
Loki Research
Aerocon - Parts and Exotics
Firefox - Chemicals and Supplies
RCS - Aerotech Subsidiary
Woody's Pro-X Hardware - The Purple Stuff


Motor Manufacturers

Animal Motor Works
Cessaroni - Pro 38, Pro 54
Ellis Mountain
HyperTEK Hybrids
Loki Research
Sky Ripper Systems - Hybrids

Component Manufactures

Dr Rocket - Motor Casings
Performance Rocketry - FG and Carbon airframes plus some kits
Rocketman - Parachutes
Sky Angle - Parachutes
Rocket Rage - Parachutes
Missile Works - Altimeters/Electronics
Blacksky- Altimeters/Electronics
Merlin Missile Solutions - Protective Cases
Pratt Hobbies - Kevlar(c) etc
YellowJacket Launch Systems - Launch Pads
Rouse-Tech - CO2 based Ejection + AT Compatible Cases
Defy Gravity - Tether + Shelter + Electronics
Fibre Glast - Fiberglassing Supplies
bmi - Launch Rods
Hawk Mountain - Fiberglass Tubing, etc
Rocket Hunter - Radio Location Beacon
Walston Retrieval Systems - Rocket Retrieval Systems
GPSFlight - GPS Telemetry Downlink
Shadowaero Composites
G-Whiz Partners - Altimeters/Electronics - uh, railbottons

Kit Manufacturers

Public Missiles Ltd
Binder Design
BSD High Power Rocketry
LOC Precision
Public Enemy Rockets
AirX - High Performance Kits
DG&A - Armageddon and Others


Wunderground - Weather
Intellicast - Weather
The Weather Channel - Weather
Oklahoma Red Flag Fire Status