Description WMV MPG
  • Dan Major's Porta Potty Flight 3-18-23 Sayre Launch Site
  • MOV (47 mb)
  • 1999 KFOR Broadcast Galen Culver's "Great State" V2 at LDRS
  • WMV(1.9mb)
    AIRFEST - Sept 2005
    Michael Wilkins - "Keebler"    N-Powered Rocket WMV(1.6mb) MPG(14.5mb)
    Unknown Rocket with lots of chutes MPG(18.3mb)
    Delta III Project - Long Version WMV(4.3mb) MPG(23.4mb)
    Delta III Project - Short Version WMV(1.6mb) MPG(10.2mb)
    Delta III Project - Slow Motion, 1/2 Speed WMV(1.5mb) MPG(9.5mb)
    Delta III Project - Slow Motion, 1/4 Speed WMV(1.8mb) MPG(16mb)
    Delta III Project - Slow Motion, 1/10 Speed WMV(3.3mb) MPG(41.6mb)
    Misc Video
    BALLS 2004 - Mark Clark - Loopy Flight MPG(9mb)
    BALLS 2004 - Over Presurization leads to CATO MPG(5.6mb)
    John Hruby's der Red Max crashes at Sayre, OK, Oct 2003 MPG(14.6mb)
    John Bolene Static Tests Club Hybrid Project at Sayre 03/25/06 - New WMV(408K)
    Multiple Launch Videos from 03/25/06 by John Bolene- New WMV(2.1mb)

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